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If you are crazy about writing and want to make it really popular, we are here to help you achieve the fame. But hey! Are you active on social media? If yes, then wonderful! All you need to do is to write the blog and send it to us. We will very carefully check the write-up and publish it in our site as well as social media pages. We will give credit to you just like we do to our other guest bloggers, wherever it is required. We will even encourage you to share the blogs that we have posted in our social media pages. We would like to make it very clear that we will not make any financial transaction for the blogs we receive from our guest bloggers.

Nevertheless, you have to abide by some guidelines that are set by us. It is important to keep the guidelines into consideration as breaching those will lead to rejection of the blogs.

Guidelines for Guest Post

  • Target Audience: Before you start writing the blog, you must know who your target audience is. It is imperative to know your target audience because sans it you will not get a proper angle to start your blog.
  • Length of Blog: The length of the blog must not be below 600 words.
  • Language: Try to keep the language as simple as possible yet catchy. It should not look like as if a child has written it; and at the same time you must not use bombastic words. It should be written in a way that even laymen can understand the message of the blog.
  • Heading and Sub-headings: The main heading should be a brief about the entire blog, though it has to be written in not more than seven words. The heading should be catchy and attractive. Try to add sub-headings that are relevant, so that it is more readable to the readers.
  • Images: Add some images that are relevant to the blog. Make sure the images that you use in the blog are not copyrighted.
  • Links: You can add links of your previous writing work/ your blog / your website.
  • Author-bio: You have to write an author-bio in which you will have to write about yourself, your relevant experience and mention links of your social media pages where you have shared your prior writing work.

Once we receive your blogs, we will go through it thoroughly and if we find any error in it, either we will correct it or we will send it to you to do the needful. After all corrections are done, we will publish the blog in our portal and our social media pages.

How To Submit-

Email me your topics at here – write4rus@gmail.com