While shared hosting is often seen as a low-quality hosting option for modern websites, the truth is that there are several advantages associated with this opportunity that has to be taken into account. There are many situations in which a website owner should seriously consider best shared hosting 2022 packages. This is due to advantages like the important ones presented in the following paragraphs.


The vast majority of shared hosting plans you can find online are very affordable. They only cost a few dollars every single month if we are looking at the introductory promotional rates. Usually, the rates will go up after the end of the promotional period. However, even then, the rates are very cheap. In fact, shared hosting is the cheapest hosting option you have access to right now.

Shared hosting will not offer many features but it does include all the essentials you need to launch and then maintain a website, as long as it is small.


Shared hosting is easily available at a highly affordable price. You can easily open your account with any provider and set up the site in just minutes. Most of the web hosting providers on the market today offer shared hosting packages so it is close to impossible not to find something suitable for entry-level websites.

When you open the account, you get access to all the basic tools needed for setting up the website. Some allow you to quickly add WordPress for even higher accessibility. Based on your expertise level, you will use available tools to launch the site without PHP or HTML knowledge.


Shared hosting packages were created for small websites without much traffic. It is very easy to stay within established limits and when it is time to grow, you can easily scale with just a few clicks and agree to a larger monthly payment. Basically, when you reach a specific traffic level or the site consumes a specific amount of resources, you get to upgrade to a new shared hosting tier. Alternatively, you can also upgrade to another type of hosting if this is a better option.

Let’s say you launch a small personal blog in which you talk about your travels. In the beginning, there is not much to post but as time passes, you publish more and more content and you get more and more visitors. At the same time, you make more money so you can afford to get a higher shared hosting package that is more suitable to the business level you are at.

Final Thoughts

The truth is every single business out there should have a website. Shared hosting is meant to help them in the beginning. It is not a good option for larger websites or sites with high traffic. However, since we are talking about the advantages highlighted above, it is very easy to understand why this is an option that should be taken into account by most users out there. If you now want to establish an online presence, shared hosting might be what you need.