The app development industry is growing stronger with every passing day, and new mobile applications are being added to Google Play Store and App Store regularly.

The future of mobile apps is very bright. So naturally, if you’ve de a new app idea, you might have a desire to bring it to reality.

Outsourcing your app is a good option as it allows you to unlock new possibilities within your app that you might have never thought of all by yourself. To this end, you will have to hire a professional company to develop the app for you.

To put it simply, outsourcing companies are equipped with better tools and experience, making them an ideal choice for those who want to minimize risks. In fact, around 50% of companies outsource their ideas and plans to app development companies as per their standard terms and conditions.

Hence, instead of working for hours on your project, you can have professionals create it for you at a substantially cheaper cost.

Choosing the right developer is a crucial first step when creating a mobile application. Ideally, you should not hire an inexperienced firm or freelancer to save money since that cost-reduction will reflect in the product’s quality.

Nowadays, outsourcing is an alternative to the hard work of creating an app all by yourself. Thus, we’re here to guide you so that you can find the best way to outsource app development.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Outsourcing App Development

Although there are several benefits of outsourcing app development, there are some drawbacks, too.

So let’s take a look at some of the most common ones!


  • Provides a much more secure app than the one made by an individual app developer
  • Superior quality thanks to professional developers
  • Completed over a shorter period


  • Some app development companies might be fraudulent
  • Finding the right company takes a lot of time
  • Communication challenges can lead to complications

Best Options To Outsource App Development

Keeping these advantages and disadvantages in mind, here are some options to consider when outsourcing app development!


You can have a pool of professionals work on your app by paying an app development company. They will develop it according to your specifications. The application’s use and its development cost will be clear and understood from the start.

Since these professionals have worked on similar projects before, they know what they’re doing. However, this is admittedly more expensive than hiring freelancers or other off-the-shelf options.


Freelance developers are highly cost-effective compared to app development firms. Plus, they can be more creative and flexible than company professionals.

Their only downside is that there is no guarantee of quality or client satisfaction.

Off-The-Shelf Solution

Purchasing a ready-made, off-the-shelf app is also an option. These are generally inexpensive and require no development effort. You can also choose from a wide variety and types.

Unfortunately, adding customizations to ready-made apps is not possible.

How To Outsource App Development?

Before outsourcing app development, you must bear some things in mind and formulate a plan according to your needs and limitations.

Outsourcing app development isn’t as easy as it looks, but you can achieve your goal with the right strategy and guidance!

Outline The App Structure

Yes, it isn’t easy, but preparation is key. Knowing what you want and what will satisfy you is always better. So first, create an outline of your requirements from the company.

Your outline will help you and the developer identity loopholes in your plan. If you decide to hire a freelancer instead of a company, make sure you articulate your idea well.

Moreover, miscommunication can create massive problems. Therefore, before you start, you should know the answer to a few questions:

  • What is the purpose of this app?
  • How will it provide this facility?
  • How will transactions be made?
  • What features will it have?
  • Will it be available on Android or iOS, or both?

These questions will build the application’s map in your mind, guiding you to transform your dream into reality. This is also useful for app developers as it helps them meet your expectations and requirements.

Allocate A Budget

Creating a budget will allow you to determine what you can and cannot do.

The budget you designate for the application will decide the choices accessible to you, including in-house development, international organizations, or off-the-shelf options.

How Much Does Outsourcing Cost?

There is generally no fixed price for outsourcing. Every app development firm quotes a different rate for different kinds of apps.

The total cost of building a new app depends on its complexity, technology, and development taken. A simple app comprising basic features can cost up to $45,000, whereas a more complex app might cost around $250,000.

Indeed, a preliminary online search would reveal information about apps costing millions as well as those that only needed a few hundred dollars.

For instance, social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, wherein you share messages, pictures, and videos, cost around $75,000 to $150,000. Conversely, transportation services like Uber can cost up to $160,000.

On average, app development costs around $100 to 150 per hour. Therefore, around $10,000 will be needed when developing an app with a full-cycle company. You will also have to pay the same amount annually for regular maintenance and updates.

Moreover, you can hire freelancers to develop an app for you. Most of them work on hourly rates. Location plays a significant role in determining professional freelancers’ fees. Developers in the US will charge you around $60 per hour, whereas a developer from India will charge you only $15 per hour.

Contrary to popular belief, most onshore freelancers generally have similar payment structures. Therefore, you can easily choose someone who can best carry out your plan.

Things To Look Out For While Choosing An Outsourcing Company

Now that we have discussed all you need to know about app development, refer to this final checklist when selecting an outsourcing firm:

Check Their Portfolio

Companies usually have a portfolio of their completed projects posted on their websites. Review it and if you think that they can live up to your expectations, get in touch.


Look at the services a particular developer provides, choosing whichever one fits your application’s vision.


If the company partners with notable tech giants, like Google or Facebook, it means they provide top-notch services.


Reviews and ratings are perhaps the most crucial indicator. To know whether a firm is reliable or not, check the experiences of previous clients.

Where To Find App Developers?

You can find app developers from freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour. These sites show hourly rates along with previous customer ratings.

On the other hand, if you’re going for an app development firm, hire outsourcing agencies from online portals such as, Venture pact or Report. Usually, software houses in Europe provide quality services at affordable prices.

You can even find developers on social media that you can get in touch with via email. Lastly, many agencies have official sites with relevant contact information.

Nevertheless, if you have a novel idea, our app developers will bring your dream to reality!

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