New research indicates that Facebook usage dwarfs that of any other platform. Here are three reasons why companies should carry on with Facebook.

Despite a recent negative news cycle, Facebook is still very popular with consumers.

According to recent research, 52% of social media users most frequently use Facebook, compared to YouTube (16%), Instagram (14%), Snapchat (6%), and Twitter (6%).

Facebook remains a key marketing channel for businesses because it enables them to reach and engage their largest potential audience.

This article outlines three reasons why businesses still need Facebook:

  1. Facebook remains the most popular social network
  2. Facebook drives the most website referral traffic
  3. Facebook offers mobile reach and awareness

1. Facebook Remains the Most Popular Social Network

Social media, and Facebook especially, is central to people’s lives. Eighty-two percent of people check Facebook at least once per week – more than any other platform.

As the most-established social network, Facebook has both the largest user base and the broadest appeal to its users. Unlike Instagram or YouTube, Facebook allows people to:

  • Communicate with friends
  • Find events nearby
  • Participate in groups
  • Follow brands
  • Track the weather

This robust functionality makes Facebook a cornerstone of people’s everyday activities.

People also use Facebook most often to both share their own content (52%) and interact with other people’s content (54%).

No other social media channel compares to Facebook’s breadth and frequency of user engagement.

Businesses can use Facebook to reach, engage, and target customers who are intent upon sharing or viewing content.

Images are the most shared (69%) type of content on social media. To capitalize, add image sharing to your marketing plan.

This will allow you to drive traffic to other social content and to your website. Facebook revolves around family and friends, so human interest images that feature a story, humor, or upbeat ideas will see the best traction.

2. Facebook Drives the Most Website Referral Traffic

Facebook had a rough year. And yet, the social media giant continues to drive the greatest percentage of overall referral traffic (18.16%) of any social network. This “share of visits” includes all direct traffic, social referrals, traffic from organic and paid search, etc.

Facebook maintains a dominant position over its nearest competitor, Pinterest.

This data suggests that the PR nightmares that Facebook has weathered may not have much of an impact on the number of people who use it.

To maximize referral traffic from Facebook, companies can invest in video content. Investing in video content now helps you get a head of the video revolution, particularly from mobile users.

To be effective with video content, be sure to include relevant calls-to-action in video descriptions that link to your site.

3. Facebook Increases Mobile Reach and Awareness

These days, a business must be able to reach its audience on mobile. Consider that the average user spends 50 minutes on Facebook each day.

According to Statista, over 95% of that time is spent on a mobile device.

Mobile devices are now omnipresent, and people use them to determine their everyday actions, such as:

  • What to research
  • Where to drive
  • How to shop
  • What to buy

A Facebook page expands your reach and increases awareness with customers who are searching for products and services to solve their everyday problems.

Facebook is fast becoming its own search engine: Facebook users are content to use the platform for searches rather than switch to a web browser. To this end, a Facebook Business page provides a direct line to prospects seeking company information such as hours and contact details and also those looking for help.

Your Business Still Needs Facebook

Ultimately, Facebook is a key piece of a larger marketing strategy that includes other social channels such as YouTube and Instagram. Research social media marketing agencies that can help you develop a strategy if you don’t have the resources to do so in-house.

As social media becomes more ingrained in everyday life, a diverse marketing mix will allow you to leverage the most relevant and impactful social media techniques – and to drive the best results.