Affiliate marketing is a large industry currently worth more than 5 billion dollars, and is considered as one of the best ways you can monetize your blog or website. This means that despite services or products are not being offered, you can still create content and help other people sell their items or services.

An affiliate website is any website or blog involved in an affiliate marketing program.  Affiliate advertising is usually done through posting online reviews, banners or text links. When visitors click on the link in order to purchase an item, you receive a commission once they’ve made the purchase.


Before you create a website, you should decide on a niche which you take interest in. For example, it can be cosmetics, personal development, entrepreneurship, games, casinos, etc. Choosing a niche will make it easier to define who potential customers are and what they need, and that will help narrow down on products which would be promoted on your site. Only then can you start creating content that will serve in product promotion.

Invest in SEO

Organic search is most often the primary source of website traffic, so it is important to improve searchability and visibility of a website. Make SEO-friendly URLs and do keyword research at the start of the project. 

Find a Suitable Affiliate Program

The smartest thing to do when building an affiliate website is investigate what affiliate programs are out there. Some of the most popular and highest paying affiliate programs definitely include Amazon Associates, eBay, Clickbank and others. Depending on the niche you’re interested in, there is a whole pool of programs you can choose from.

For example, if you’re interested in building a casino affiliate a good idea is to research good authority websites such as AskGamblers where you can find casino affiliate programs of all kinds. You should learn about revenue share, payment threshold, payment method, and most importantly previous affiliates’ reviews.

Create high-quality content

Original and interesting content is the key when it comes to gathering an audience. Readers will return to you only if provided with value consistently. If you manage to do that, it is far more likely that your content will be shared on social media and that means increased traffic which can lead to purchases.

Make use of social media

In order to generate more page views, potential future customers need to familiarize with who you are and why should they go to you for what they need. Note that social media give you a chance to present yourself as relatable to other people and also counts when it comes to marketing. Don’t forget to showcase previous results in providing people with value. Useful tools in this area you can take advantage of are Facebook and Instagram.

Build an email list

Email marketing has certain advantages to social media because it is direct contact and subscribers can be sent special offers and immediately find out what is new and potentially useful for them. In modern world, emails are as important as home addresses and you should use it wisely since that is the only aspect you can control. Additionally, a significant number of buyers will turn out to be newsletter subscribers.

Sponsored posts

In order to attract additional customers, product owners pay bloggers to write a post in which they will put a good word about the product or service in question. This kind of posts comes in handy when promoting a new service, training program, device, etc.


Once you have an audience that considers you an authority in a certain field, recommending a product you personally tested is a way to earn money. The fact is that reviews represent relevant guidance. Before buying a product, consumers usually check product reviews in order to make informed purchases. They check if they will get their money’s worth and that fact can prove useful to exploit. Starting an online business is no easy task, but following these tips can get you going and help earn a passive income once you’ve settled.