If you are not thinking about social Media Marketing in your marketing strategy, definitely  you are losing out number of potential and valid customers over the social Media. 3 billion people using social networks to connect and engage with brands in the modern world. For your branding on business you should use media platforms offer the opportunity to gain free followers of  ViralTwitter. Here are 14 reasons you should put your brand on social media.

01. Source content

As far as sourcing of content is concerned, you can either look for ideas or materials for posting. With the former, you will solicit the help of your followers regarding what content they want. The latter, on the other hand, is like a contest using hashtag to source user generated content that you can post and share.

For communication

 02. Reputation management

Social media gives you a chance to weed out the negative feedback that your customers are saying about your company. You can use social media to air your side of the story in a polite and professional way.

03. Communicate crisis

Social media platforms offer a good avenue for dealing with a crisis situation. Smaller brands may not experience brands that go out of proportion quickly. Still a small number of shares can have a huge impact on your business so go to social media and deal with the crisis.

04. Customer and audience management

With most of your customers on Facebook or Twitter, take advantage of social media to engage with your customers and target audience. At the same time, you are giving them a platform where they can air their feedbacks and interact with you directly.

05. Customer service and support

Social media channels provide you with a platform for providing customer service and support. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, brands that do not meet customer’s expectations are at risk of damaging their bottom line.

For Gaining Insight .

06. Monitor conversations

What better way to monitor what your customers are saying than in social media? Keeping track of what people say about your brand can be a good source of intelligence, competitors, and your niche.

07. Get to know about your customers

Social media networks provide a channel for you to analyze your demographics so that you can customize your strategy to better communicate with them.

08. Monitor sentiments about your brand

What do people say about your brand? Positive or negative, social media networks can give you a clear idea about the sentiments of your customers regarding your brand.

09. Monitor competition

Social media will give you a channel for becoming aware of the activities of your competition so you can make the necessary adjustments. You have to know the competition to beat the competition rate.

10. Be informed about industry news

Things move at a rapid pace online so you want to keep in touch with what is happening in your niche. Social media gives you a channel where you can stay updated with industry news.

For advertising

11. Generate targeted advertising

Advertising on social media is an excellent tool for promoting your business and distributing content. You can use social media to target the right audience.

12. Retargeting

People who abandon their shopping carts can be potential customers. There are several reasons people abandon shopping carts and you can use social media networks to find out the reasons and re-target them, because nearly 70 % of online shopping carts are abandoned.

Proving ROI

13. See the full impact of your social media campaign  

Generating and proving return of investment can be challenging for many businesses. However, with social media networks, you can track, analyze, and see the full impact of your social media activities.

14. Track website traffic and conversions

Using different tools, you can track which social media networks are generating the most benefit for your business.