Facebook happens to be one of the biggest social media platforms and claims of a whopping 2 billion active users and counting.

This goes without saying that the company undergoes development with massive changes in various aspects of technology like search, visual, personalisation, image, design and processing every now and then.

But before uploading the image, you have to make sure that you have created an image that actually goes with the varying recommended upload sizes. This is something that is very difficult to keep track of.

This is simply because there are different requirements for each of the images in case of this platform. That includes the shared links, profile pictures, sponsored posts and thumbnails etc.

Here is a synopsis of the various Facebook business pages and their image requirements. Just take a look.

Facebook Pages and Image Dimensions

  • Profile Photo – 180 x 180 pixels

In the mobile screens the pictures get resized to 128 x 128 pixels while on the larger scales the image gets converted to 170 x 170 pixels. But you should stick to the recommended size since if the size is too small like 100 x 100 then it can get blurred on the bigger screens. Keep the design simple. Ensure that the original image is square as otherwise the image will be cropped after uploading. Nobody likes a cropped picture. Though you will get an option to reposition the image but still it is better to go for a square image.

  • Cover Photo – 820 x 312 pixels

The next most significant aspect is the cover photo of your Facebook business page. You should understand the requirements of the personal Facebook page is different. Because of the bigger size the cover photo of the Facebook business page serves a number of marketing purposes.

On the smartphone apps it displays as 640 x 360.

As cover, you can also add a 360 degrees video.

Anything less than the dimension mentioned above will look stretched. You can use it for the following –

  • Carry out the polls
  • Display the brand name
  • Mention the exclusive services
  • Inform about the new products
  • News Feed Images – 1200 x 628 pixels (recommended size)

The max width is 470 pixels in feed while it will appear on page at a max width of 504 pixels.

  • App Images – 111 x 74 pixels
  • News Feed Link Post Featured Image – 1200 x 628 pixels (recommended size)

The max width of this is 470 pixels in feed while it will appear on page at a max width of 504 pixels.

Page Post Like Ads/ Events

  • Sidebar – 254 x 94 pixels

The title should contain 25 characters.

  • Desktop – 1200 x 444 pixels

The event title should contain 25 characters followed by the time that should contain around 90 characters and then you should mention the company name and location.

  • Mobile – 560 x 208 pixels

Page Ads and Posts

  • Page Post Offer or Link on Desktop News Feed – 1,200 x 628 pixels, shows as 470 x 246 pixels

The headline should have 25 characters while the link description will have 30 characters. If the image is not uploaded pertaining to the exact dimensions, Facebook will just show the central part of the image.

  • Page Post Offer or Link on Desktop Sidebar Ad – 254 x 133 pixels
  • Page Post Offer or Link on Mobile News Feed – 560 x 292 pixels
  • News Feed Image Posts – 1,200 x 900 pixels and shows as 470 x 470 pixels

The headline should have 25 characters while the link description will have 30 characters.

  • News Feed Image Posts (Mobile) – Upto 626 x 840 pixels

The above are some of the best size for facebook post and most useful and accurate image sizes and dimensions that are to be used for the marketing of your business on Facebook as recommended by the experts of reputed social media consulting services who have been in the industry for a long time and know what exactly works in case of Facebook.

If you keep the above in mind you will surely be able to make the most of the awesome marketing benefits that Facebook offers for your business. This will ensure that your digital marketing efforts succeed in bringing in more engagements and augmented conversions for your business.