Most website owners are troubled with the high bounce rate of their websites. They say that visitors land on their sites and flee away instantly without reading the content or making any transaction. As a matter of fact, website bounce rate is the total time period when a user lands on a site and goes away.

Websites with high bounce rate show their mediocrity. So, Google hates such websites and downgrade their rankings in its SERP. Therefore, all website owners look for ways to reduce the overall bounce rate of the site as soon as possible. Are you also among them? If yes, then check out the below- mentioned tips.

Make Changes in Website Structure at First

navigationOutdated website structure is one of the main reasons why visitors leave your site soon after landing. This includes obsolete website design, unattractive images and non-compatibility over a mobile phone. These three factors can be a great pain to your website as well as. Today, adding an image slider became an out of fashion, rather than images people prefer video showing the real working scenario of the company. On the other side, days are gone when people search for any information on their computers only, now as per the study 51%, people prefer mobile for web surfing. Apart from the above, call to action and navigation buttons also play a prominent role in reducing website bounce rate.

Give Importance To Loading Time of Your Website

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Undoubtedly, greater webpage loading time always annoys your customers, and they will immediately leave your website. So, in order to maintain your customer, the optimal time for the webpage is considered to be equal to or less than 2 seconds. But if it goes increases and lies between 3 to 5 seconds, it directly put a negative impact on your website. Therefore, the slow website can deplete your business growth and vain your Search engine optimization efforts.

Check Cross-Browser Compatibility

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Cross-browser compatibility means when your website able to delivers the high-quality result on any browser. This is the biggest challenge for Professional web designers because there are numerous browsers on the internet and web developer would be unable to find customer browser preference. But compatibility on all browser is relevant to reduce bounce rate and leads conversion.

Ensure Twice Content Quality Before Uploading

High quality, powerful and right content is always appreciated by users. But do you know there is a difference between powerful and right content? The powerful content always attracts the users to read more but the right and updated content provide them with relevant information so that they can use and implement the content so as to give desirable results. But most importantly the words should be easy to read, written in simple language, with as minimum as possible difficult words as described in below table:

Content Readability Score The average sentence length Limitations on Words


Easy to read 12 or less words.


Simple Language 15 to 20 words


A little bit in content reading. 25 words


Very Difficult to read. 37 words

Say Big No to Pop-Ups

Overstuffing of the website with Pop-ups and advertisements always irritate your visitor and they would find an easy path to leave your website. These also distract them from relevant content and images of the website. So, it’s better to avoid them at any cost. But, when you are using it like a tool to exchange traffic, which uses mouse tracking technology to identify when a user is about to bounce, and then shows a popup to reduce the likelihood of this. This could serve as a great Digital Marketing tool.

Make Your Website Multi-Lingual

Multi-lingual website helps the business in getting traffic from international boundaries. So, if your website is written in English, but you also want to generate traffic from other countries like Japan, Israel and China, web translation is the best option to attract users. You can easily install WPML to translate your website into a few different languages. This serves as great impact in reducing bounce rate and gaining worldwide traffic for your business.

Final Words

A high bounce rate is a great matter of concern for any organisation. But don’t panic, simply explore the issues and try to resolve them as soon as possible. Once all updates have been done in your, there is no other way to stop your business growth on the internet. Just take best SEO services from experts and enjoy the fruitful results from major search engines.