Almost 93% of marketers nowadays admit to doing content marketing. However, doing it for a long time can be a challenge. You have to continuously strive to stand out from the rest and offer value to readers.

One way to do this is with a blogger outreach quality process. Not only does it help you promote your content, but it also helps in link building and developing relationships. Aside from that, it helps your company exchange high quality value with bloggers, influencers, industry leaders thereby increasing your knowledge of future trends.

Tomoson has conducted a study where it is shown that blogger outreach is the fastest online customer acquisition channel. It even beats paid search, email marketing, and organic search.

However, it is important to note that influencer marketing can be time-consuming while leaving content marketers burnt-out. To help you revive your content marketing strategy and achieve your goals, here’s a guide on how to execute an effective blogger outreach.

Expand Your Business With Blogger Outreach

Before we start, let’s first define what blogger outreach is.

Blogger outreach, in a nutshell, is sharing your content directly in front of the most influential bloggers in your niche instead of posting your content on social media and sharing.

It is a skill that you should learn if you want to make a name for your blog. Don’t worry. It’s easy to learn.

Benefits Of Blogger Outreach Done Right

When done right, you’ll find yourself with these rewards:

  • Increase in social shares of your contents
  • Email subscriber and fans growth
  • More mentions and inbound links
  • More invites to roundup posts and interviews

Step By Step Guide To A Blogger Outreach Quality Process

Look for Bloggers

The first thing you should do is find bloggers in your niche that you want to build relationships with. Check out their networks and decide whether or not you want to tap into it.

Now, create an Excel file where you will list the most influential blogs in your niche. Gather information about them including who the blogger is and their contact details. If you want to be a bit more detailed, you can also include links to their social media accounts.  

Most often, you can find their contact details on the blogs About page. If not, you can leave them a message on their social media accounts.

As a rule of thumb, your first entries should be the ones you often refer to or visit. Also, don’t be too picky. Just add all the bloggers you think are the most influential.

Tools To Help You Find Bloggers

Here are some easy to use tools that you can use to build your list.

  • Alltop – Use this to find bloggers in your niche that you’re not familiar with.
  • Technorati – Enter your keyword in the search button and click on blogs to find the right bloggers.
  • Followerwonk – Create an account and search for the people behind the most influential blogs.

If you need more bloggers to fill your list, there’s also Google search. What you need to do is input long tail keywords that describe the topics on your website. This way, you can find the bloggers who are within your niche.

Once you’re done, you should have at least 30 blogs listed on your sheet.

So what’s next?

Separate your Listed Bloggers

Divide your target bloggers to evaluate who are the bloggers that have more influence. This is not only about looking at the number of followers that they have.

First, check the blogger’s Social Authority using FollowerWonk. Just enter their username handle.

Next, check their domain authority using Open Site Explorer. Directly paste their homepage URL and press enter. The higher the blog’s Domain Authority is, the more influence they have.

Lastly, check blog comments. A high number of comments is one sign that the blog has a tightly-knit community.

It’s now time to separate the prospects. Sort your list by Domain Authority as this directly correlates with the search engine power and traffic that a blog has. When that’s done, you can remove the blogs with the lowest influence from your list.

Get their Attention

Now it’s time to get into the radar of your targets. Start building relationships with the bloggers by

Sharing their Content

When you keep sharing their content, they will start noticing you. Make sure you mention them on your share and add a simple description of what you’ve shared. This way, they will see that you took your time to read and enjoyed their posts.

Responding to their Posts and Questions

On social media, you will find that some bloggers love asking questions. Take this opportunity to get noticed by them.

Commenting on Their Blog

One of the best ways to get a blogger to notice you is to leave comments on their posts. Ask questions and leave some genuine value. Don’t just go with the usual ‘I love your post!’.

Sending them an Email

This is if you want to be a bit more direct. Send the bloggers a brief email telling them how much you enjoy your content. Boost their ego a little bit.

Reach Out

Now that you have your list and you got in their radar, it’s time to reach out.

Get Bloggers to Share Your Content

If you want the bloggers to share your content on social media or get mentioned, send them an email about a post you created on a particular topic that they might love. Also, make your email short.

Get Guest Blogs Published

Now that the bloggers have warmed up to you, you can send them a personalized message including a few topics you think they might want as a guest post.

Get Quality Backlinks

A blogger outreach quality process is also one of the ways you can use to build your blog backlinks. Check out the blogs if they have resource pages or big list posts where your content can be used to add value to it.


So now what are you waiting for? Go on and create that blogger list and grow a relationship with them. Just thank them if they accept your guest contributions, or you can add them on Skype.