It is not a surprise that Internet marketing is a powerful tool, which helps to increase the volume of sales despite the scope of activity. Those entrepreneurs, who did not feel yield enhancement in their business, either use Internet marketing, not as a whole or count on wrong channels of promotion, which could influence their targeted audience effectively.

If you need to sort out misbelieves in Internet marketing many entrepreneurs still believe in for some reason, without understanding why there is no the result they expect, this article is for you.

1# Myth: People choose your product or service because it is cheaper to buy from you

Good price will not speak about itself. If you guarantee the lowest prices on the market, but no one knows about you, all your efforts are in vain.  If you add promotion expenses to the prime cost, you will have to increase the price too. Moreover, a client, who is focused on a price only is the most unreliable client in the world, s/he does not care about your brand and your loyalty.  Your competitors will decrease a price and s/he will leave for them. Attract clients through other methods: assortment, additional services, bonuses, increase trust for your company.

#2 Myth: Sales depend directly on the number of the visitors on the website

Audience and a targeted audience are two totally different things. Many clicks do not necessarily mean that all the visitors are going to become your clients. Do not spread yourself too thin on groups in social networks with a general subject, on websites, which have nothing to do with your business. It is better to focus on very specialized portals, perhaps not that popular, but efficient, those, which will bring you, potential customers.

#3 Myth: We sell well without marketing

It is difficult to imagine a modern business without marketing because marketing is that very system of knowledge, which helps business to develop. Marketing is not just about a visitor to come over a website only but also about work with a visitor, understand a visitor, engage a visitor, bring a visitor into a deal. Moreover, in the times of crisis, the strongest brands survive only, which have a clear program of their products promotion at the market.

#4 Myth: E-mail mail out is not effective

Actually, it is a wrong thing to say. If your mail out is not personated, not adopted for mobile gadgets под мобильные гаджеты, does not bring any informational value, you send emails inconvenient time, they are too long and with too difficult design – you are right, E-mail-mail out is not effective. In all other cases, mail out allows structuring trust-based relations with a wide audience at minimum cost.

#5 Myth: We have made a great website and now we can have a rest

A good website is just the beginning. It is not that easy to get a targeted traffic. They are followed by the work of testing and analytics, approach and channel studies. SEO, Google Analytics PPC, work with social networks, ultimate analysis of user activity on a website and this all is just a part of work, which is why your key task is to analyze and optimize the process, contribute to the increased sales.

#6 Myth: Someone says it works so it must work with me too!

Perhaps it will but cut-and-paste borrowing will not bring any results because you have visitors, market and values of your own. It does not mean that you do not have to adopt the ideas you liked, you can copy what is useful. At that, to adopt it as you see fit, to set up individual options.

#7 Myth: You can hire people for separate marketing tasks without spending money on a marketing campaign

Internet marketing works in whole. It is a one-piece approach, which begins with a client search and ends with a deal. All the components of Internet marketing work as a whole. You can certainly stake on SMM only but it does not mean that you will refuse from other tools forever. Marketing strategy is like a game in competitive sport: it is work in harmony and plays to total points.