God is omnipresent, so is FACEBOOK! Feel it too? Yes! Why wouldn’t you agree though?

First thing we delve into after waking up in the morning, last thing we look at before sleeping. Used by families as a book of records, memoirs, pictures, contacts, by businesses for promotions, by strangers to connect and by some to build their own unique identity who are still struggling with their not so ravishing identities. Easily, virtually, indubitably the best online tool and strategy to uplift, upgrade, yourself, your identity, your brand.

You sow what you reap but only if the efforts are put in the right direction.

Social media strategies which includes campaigns, ads etc. are a great source of easy revenue and a medium for image building. It can shoot your businesses’ success to certain heights and also make it fall, and shatter it into pieces if you make mistakes in analyzing your audience, strategizing the approach and most importantly the implementation.

Some of the most common mistake that are committed by new, budding and even old businesses on Facebook that effects their work.

Engage, Engage and Engage your audience

If you want to market yourself, your products, services then you ought to start by engaging, It is the key! People respond, react and engage with the things they can connect, relate to. E-Commerce marketing is done once social communities are formed, human relations are developed. Human links are built around feelings, emotions and that is achieved once you start paying heed to your fans and followers. Rather than practicing direct promotion, work on preserving your brands image and elevating it by connecting with your followers. Make and design your ad campaigns that interest your audience, help humanize your brand, increase the volume of content that is viral and trending. Give your audiences a few laughs and you have won half the battle.

Your Facebook posts matters the most!

Content is the key to become the king in digital marketing! Unwanted, weak, messy and boring content will not only push you down the hill but will also create a mess in the flow of information and ruin the overall image and identity of your brand. Where interesting, informative, short and crisp facebook posts will garner the attention but if you do not pay heed to the quality of the content then forget getting new followers even the old ones would be lost and gone before you will even know it.

Untimely, irregular, irrelevant posting

Businesses whose make up their own business profile to promote themselves need to atleast keep their own pages updated. This is a known fact that your absence from Facebook or that matter from any social media page will make your audience lose interest in your page. If you manage to overlook this necessity of being persistently active on Facebook then it means you are fetching negligence from your audience. If you mange to abandon your on page how can you not expect your followers not to abandon you? Being active won’t work rather you have to become proactive in your approach, campaigns, online activities, to steer your target audience to your page. Building audience is a really slow process and you must understand you cannot afford to have a day when you are not doing it.

Same ad, Same people, Seriously! But, Why?

Would you pitch the same product to the same client/customer over and over again if the latter has shown no interest in it or maybe bought it already? No! Then why would you want to show the same ad to the same audience who have seen it, reacted to it, some might have bounced back , some might have made the next move of purchasing. You need to make targets and work on achieving them. Keep yourself updated with the demands and mould your product, services according to the expectations or the needs of your target audience. Keep a check on audience behavior, what are they following most, their activities, time they show up online, age group, make ads gender specific, ad copies should be crisp and catchy, content should be something trending. Follow these points and get set to rage!

No more changes please

Changes, transitions, updates are absorbed by people sometimes quickly and the other times at a very slow pace. You set up an ad, what are the odds it is going to be a success or a total fail? Can you foresee? It could be a hit and become a revenue creation activity or maybe totally fail your expectations and dump your money. But to try and test it, you need patience. If you expect instant results then you are already fooling yourself. Leave it out open and see the progress simmer fantastic results slowly. Minimum time to see if it will perform should be not less than 48 hours. Even after that the result cannot be promised and on top of that if you are continuously editing, fiddling with it means you are just rushing it and pushing it into nothing.