Fintech can be defined as the growing intersection of technology and financial services. In today’s mobile-first world, every industry is seeking for smart solutions to proffer a seamless end user experience. Consequently, these industries are looking for areas to integrate technology to make the prevalent processes more cost-effective and hassle free for the customer.

This has led to the evolution of a mobile-first fintech market that is focused on altering our entire experience of finance. There are several organizations which are supporting this revolution and constantly launching new technologies to back it.

Here, we will discuss about a few mobile fintech players who are swiftly capitalizing on the opportunities to catapult the conventional business models in order to make financial services more accessible, convenient and transparent across the world. Let’s have a look.

#1 Miguel Tatay, NatWest

With extensive experience in mobile, this executive wunderkind is currently heading NatWest’s mobile banking strategy. Under his stewardship, the company has placed a core focus on digital transformation. Consequently, it has opened several offices in London and Edinburgh for its ever expanding digital team. Recently, NatWest has partnered with a New-Zealand based company and started testing an AI powered Chatbot called Cora that can easily talk to customers and respond to over 200 simple questions. Also, this year, the company has redesigned its mobile app, optimizing it for the blind people. Now it has become the first bank to be recognized by the Royal National Institute of Blind (RNIB) for its accessibility.

#2 Robin Martin, Barclays

Determined and passionate, Robin Martin joined Barclays in 2011. He completed its Future Leaders Development Programme that focused on product development and marketing. He is credited with the development and implementation of Barclay’s prizewinning mobile payment app Pingit. This is an amazing app that allows the users to send and receive money with just a mobile number. The app links the phone number with the bank account, authorizing the users to pay via phone in a matter of seconds.

#3 Jose Quesada, American Express

With over 6 years of profound experience, Jose Quesada is currently helming the Mobile Product Innovation and Strategy Department at the American Express. With a penchant for creating value, Jose has used his extensive digital experience in carving several success stories. He helped NatWest to launch Touchpay, the first UK debit card allowing its customers to initiate mobile contactless payments through their Apple phone. He also launched the American Express Amex Mobile App which is a highly utilitarian app allowing the customers to make a payment, view transactions and redeem points on the go.

#4 Clare Dean, TSB Bank

Clare Dean is the Mobile Manager at TSB Bank, an established commercial bank in the United Kingdom. After stellar stints at Sky and M&S, Clare joined TSB in 2015. Possessing immense expertise and a winning attitude, she has applied an agile development methodology to deliver robust and scalable solutions. Under her headship, TSB bank made massive progress in the digital arena and launched Android Pay.

Android Pay is a comprehensive mobile payment system, specifically designed to help the users purchase products and services online as well as in the real world. It leverages the NFC technology to complete payments.

#5 Justin Cockerell, Lloyds Banking Group

A man with steady focus, Justin Cockerell is the Product Manager of Mobile Customer Acquisition at the Lloyds Banking Group. With strong analytical skills and expertise, Justin was largely instrumental in launching Lloyds TSB’s mobile banking service app. The app offers a convenient way of accessing and managing business accounts while on the go. It allows the users to make quick payments, manage cash flows and deposit cheques in a hassle-free way. Justin is further seeking ways to enhance the app’s engagement rate and grow its user base.

#6 Jon White, Visa Europe

With 20 years of experience across Business Development and Digital and Traditional Marketing, Jon White leads the Head of Strategy, Mobile Propositions Department at Visa Europe. Visa Europe is an established payments technology company known for its safe, quick and most dependable electronic payments. Throughout his career, Jon has orchestrated the rollout of Android payment apps as well as marketing and communications for its Apple Pay initiative.

#7 Claire Hunwick, MBNA

Claire Hunwick is an industry veteran with 17 years of magnanimous experience in the financial services sector. She is currently heading the Mobile Product Manager Office at MBNA, and is constantly seeking new-fangled ways of implementing inventive mobile strategies. Under her brilliant headship, MBNA has recently added Android Pay and formed an alliance with O2 to provide Travel Alerts. This is an amazing service that automatically informs your bank when you travel abroad in order to eradicate card frauds.

Final Words

Complex financial activities have given way to organized scams and economic breakdowns, making the traditional consumer fearful of dealing with financial institutions. This has led to the creation of a service vacuum, which is fast being filled by a whole new category of fintech companies, focussed on improving the customer experience and redefining the way of dealing with finance.

The evolution of fintech apps have changed the way business is done. Although this industry is relatively new, it is creating an enormous impact by enabling people to make electronic payments quickly and conveniently.