The success of a website depends on the quality of its design up to a great extent. Today’s tech-savvy and modern people love to visit well-designed websites. Therefore, web designers and developers need to follow the latest trend in web design to be aware of which things are in use and which are considered outdated. Web design trends keep changing from time-to-time, making it difficult for designers to stay abreast of this ever-changing concept.

As a designer or a modern entrepreneur, you need to know the latest web design trends to make your website trendier and more professional & fetch more chances for business as 75% of all users acknowledged that website design affects the credibility of the company. So, we have compiled a list of the top 8 trends that are rampant in today’s website design world. Let’s get started.

#1 A Very Minimalistic Approach to Website Creation

Despite the fact that different design elements can make your work better & look professional, their excessive use can be unproductive too. Using too many design elements can make your website slower and lead to loss of visitors & business opportunities.

So, always practice minimalism in website design. Always keep in mind that at the heart of minimalism is not less design, more thoughtful design. Content plays the main roles on any website. So, use only necessary design elements to create websites and focus on the content presentation so that you can easily convey the main business messages to the targeted audience. It makes your website user-friendly & professional. Another advantage of minimalism is that your site will load faster on all devices, enabling you to get more business opportunities frequently.

#2 Accurate and Personalized Call-to-Action Buttons

Generally, enough attention is not given to Call-to-Action buttons in the website design and development process. As a matter of fact, Call-to-Action buttons can be seen easily on websites. They are important for the generation of leads and sales. It is because they instruct visitors to take different actions after reading the content. So, it is highly recommended to work with professional web designers, create proper CTA buttons, and get it placed on all important places of websites to catch the attention of users easily and effortlessly.

#3 The Growing Use of AMP Technology

A rapidly growing number of people turn to mobile devices of different sizes to browse the internet. So, your website should be well designed with an optimized layout that will accommodate all the resolutions and dimensions of the display and allow visitors to have a better experience. By using the AMP technology, you can easily make your website responsive to different mobile devices. It helps SEO professionals in website optimisation & you get more opportunities for business every day.

#4 Artificial Intelligence for Websites

Modern Internet users want to get the desired information as quickly and easily as possible. So, it is worthwhile for all website owners to seriously consider the introduction of AI in website design and development assignments as soon as possible as it has become a very important criterion for user loyalty.

As more and more users are now searching goods directly inside the trading platforms, instead of using the search engines for the same, Large online stores are gradually changing their familiar attitude to online purchases and website creation.

All successful companies introduce innovative technologies and other possibilities of Artificial Intelligence to better understand the needs and moods of their consumers and help them find the desired info, products, services, etc, easily. See some examples-

Artificial Intelligence in Web design


Chatbots Chatbots entrepreneurs to make the communication process more natural & faster. Based on the technology of Artificial Intelligence, chatbots recognizes and imitates human emotions, help users with their questions and concerns and make the process of online shopping comfortable and enjoyable.
Voice Search By 2020, voice search will account for 60% of all search made on the WWW. So, developers should take this into account when creating and optimizing content for their sites if they want to get immense traffic every day and generate sufficient revenues.

#5 Innovative Content Display

Recently, Google targeted the use of low-quality content by releasing an important update. So, I am not surprised that an increasing number of designers have now teamed up with content marketers and copywriters to demonstrate high-quality content in new interesting ways. Visitors love to read meaningful content. So, why not increase their experience by showing content innovatively, using graphics, tables, lists, buttons, charts, etc.

It’s a universal fact that the human brain is able to process visual content much easier than plain text. Generally, the landing page usually does not have enough space to display all the content that you want to show your visitors. So, allow users to read the text by hovering the mouse over the content or link to another page so that they can get more information and make smart decisions.

#6 Optimized Navigation

Always keep in mind that website visitors are likely to be converted if they can easily find what they are looking for. Clarity and simplicity in are two keys to the success of your website sooner or later. So, simplify the navigation of your website as far as possible. Also, provide secondary navigation on your website if needed.

#7 Website Personalization

One of the most important tasks of all website owners is to increase the conversion rate by all possible means. But, it’s not an easy task at all. Most often, if visitors don’t find what they are looking for, they flock to other websites immediately.

The abundance of options makes it difficult for website owners to stand out from the crowd, to be remembered and to attract the attention of customers. The website personalization site helps to overcome this unpleasant situation easily and effortlessly. On a non-personalized site, visitors see the same thing, same stock, and same products/services, which are of no use for them.

Always keep in mind that the personalization of web pages allows you to dramatically change the attitude of the site to your visitors. After the first and all subsequent visits of users, your website remembers information related both to the visitor himself and their actions. The website adapts to interests and requests of visitors with each new visit. The mastodon of Google search itself a good example of website personalization. It aims for the convenience and comfort of its visitors and offers the personalised results based on their geolocation, language dialect, constant interests, etc.

#8 Website Loading Speed

Always keep in mind that delays in website loading disappoint visitors. You have just 3-4 seconds to attract and impress your customer and get business opportunities from them. Slower websites often have a lower ranking in the SERPs of different search engines, severe criticism from visitors, and a high bounce rate. So, make your website faster by all possible means.

Final Words

Web design trends keep changing with each passing day. You must always consider that the latest trends in web design should to make your website relevant for the changing needs of the targeted audience and business as a whole. Just embrace the latest web design tends mentioned here above and develop a connection with your customers easily and effortlessly.