Joomla is a very popular CMS which is used by millions of people all around the world. Its users are growing rapidly because of several reasons, such as Extensive content management capabilities, Standardized interface and functionality, User management and access control functions, Advanced template control features, International language support, etc. Generally, it is easier to own & operate Joomla websites. But, your website management and optimization capabilities are increased a lot if you use essential Joomla plugins. So, just have a look at the top 8 essential Joomla Plugins detailed here below:

#1 EShop

When you run an E-commerce portal with Joomla, there comes a time when your team of IT professionals fails in website management tasks because of the increased traffic and demands from customers. In such situations, you just have two options- either hire new staff or use a plugin. The first option is not feasible for E-commerce organizations because it comes at a big price. Being an E-commerce entrepreneur, you can easily resort to EShop plugin.

It is actually a Shopping Cart/e-Commerce plugin and responsive to all devices. It comes with different types of features, such as

  • Catalog features,
  • Shopping Cart features,
  • Design features,
  • Email Features,
  • SEO & Security Features,
  • Integration features and
  • Add-ons and templates.

With the availability of so many features and functionalities, you can easily increase your website management skills and make more money on a daily basis.


E-commerce website optimization seems, on several occasions, a complex job. It is because managing a fully-fledged E-commerce website with several thousand pages require 100% dedication from SEO professionals at all the times. The distractions of life often don’t let this happen.

Just use this plugin and make E-commerce website optimization an easy & hassle-free task. With its help, you can easily optimize your store rightly, view the SEO score, and boost its ranking with a little effort only. Real-time reports let you know your strong and weak points in SEO campaigns & make the much-needed changes accordingly.

#3 Invoice Manager

The E-commerce business revolves around the money. When customers choose products on your online shopping portal for purchasing, they expect that you will present them error-free bills in a professional manner. Any mismanagement in finances will cause a direct loss to your business. This plugin is equipped with different payment gateways.

It allows you to create error-free bills and invoices easily. You can also customize the design of bills as per your needs. It is possible to save the details of day-to-day billing on your store’s database and use them in communication with clients in the future. The proper use of this plugin increases your finance management skills and results in a sharp boom in revenue collection.

#4 CMShortURL

Both search engines and people dislike unoptimized URLs. Search engines avoid long & complex URLs because they have to analyze such URLs using complex parameters which consume a lot of time. Internet users consider unoptimized URLs as SPAM and avoid visiting them as far as possible. To please both parties, you must use this plugin. With its help, you can shorten URLs and make them more useful for search engines & visitors alike. And, this is one with a few clicks.

#5 JobGrok Application

It is an ideal extension for job portals. It is often observed that HR professionals do a lot of work, such as extensive paperwork, conducting interviews, inform job seekers about the interview scheduling, etc.

When the workload increases all of a sudden, HR professionals experience obstacles in their daily operations. With the help of this extension, HR professionals can easily expedite the process of employee recruitment up to a great extent. They can accept job applications online, set up email notifications to job applicants, and invite candidates for interview.

#6 Email Beautifier

This extension is very useful for Email marketing experts. Most of them often argue that despite launching several Email marketing campaigns, they miserably fail to achieve tangible results. Most newsletters land into the SPAM box of Internet users and fail to catch their attention. It happens because newsletters breach the terms and conditions of Email service providers. Using different features of this extension, you can easily beautify newsletters, make them more beautiful, and encourage visitors to take the desired action after reading newsletters.

#7 JRealtime Analytics

It is very important for all digital marketing professionals to review the performance of their SEO campaigns at regular intervals. It is because SEO rules keep changing every now and then, making it difficult for digital marketing professionals to optimize websites and maintain its healthy ranking. This plugin automatically offers real-time analytics report, allowing you to know the performance of your website. You also become aware of your strong & weak points. Based on the reports, you can make necessary improvements in SEO campaigns and gain tangible results within a few days.

#8 Sexy Polling

For an E-commerce website owner, it is very important to know what the existing users and potential customers think about their brand and products. It is because a positive perception about your brand helps you gain more business opportunities and appreciation from customers.

On the other hand, a negative perception damages the reputation of your brand and you struggle a lot of sales & business opportunities. With the help of this plugin, you can easily conduct polls and surveys, ask questions to customers, and get answers swiftly. Based on the collected database, you can easily have a clear idea about what people think of your brand and what needs to be done to improve the image.

Final Words

The craze about Joomla websites is increasing with each passing day. Operating and managing Joomla websites becomes a lot easier if you are accompanied with right Joomla Extensions. Among different options, we have picked some leading Joomla Extensions, which might prove to be very useful for your E-commerce business. Just use them to accelerate the website building, customization, management, and operation skills up to a great extent. Good Luck!