WordPress platform is incredible for designing websites. And you can almost do anything from simple blogging to setting up complete shopping websites. And there’s more you can do. Other platforms are good, but WordPress redefines website making. And more often, plugins and themes in WordPress are something which increases the functionality of the site by default.

So you would choose WordPress Ecommerce for building a website because it is a great platform and offers high-grade features. Wait, what? That’s all? WordPress has way more advantages than other platforms.

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Here are 9 Advantages –

#1 WordPress is way cheap.

Price matters. Mostly if you are a going to build a new website. Other platforms might charge the same price (even lower than WordPress), but on wordpress., you get extra for what you pay. Prices are pretty much bit more, but after you upgrade to a specific plan, you have access to a wide range of features. Most platforms don’t even come near. On WordPress, you get heaps of plugins (most are free and SEO optimized, so with right words you can win on the search results). One of the best is the Yoast SEO, which checks on the Search engine optimization and the readability of every post that you publish.

#2 Themes are generous and helpful.

Themes on WordPress are another thing to building a wonderful website. And yes, you might think themes as in other sites which offer User interface and similar function control, themes on WordPress are a whole different thing. WordPress just don’t have themes, they have SEO optimized themes which not only work for the Interface, also by relevant keyword tracking, it offers better Search Engine Optimization too. And this is a million dollar function which 100% of bloggers desperately want.

#3 SEO integrated and all time ready

Most websites don’t have a good search result rating or SEO optimizations that better. And the owners suffer. It happens on most platforms. Not on WordPress. If you got the right keywords which have high CPCs, right readability, SEO optimized themes and double checkings on your current post, then nothing can stop you getting into the top of the search results. With WordPress, it just happens the bit faster. That’s the magic.

#4 Increased Site security against threats

Websites have security threats and mostly spammers who do most of the mess (via comments sometimes). And Hackers are always active spying on sites to grab the income. But on WordPress, these type of threats and problems do occur less. It’s mostly spyware and threat-free, and if you want to install a few plugins that will keep you safe from the visible threats. Akismet is one such plugin that checks spammers online crawling on your site.

#5 Convenient syndication

This is way-way better on WordPress as when you post an article, the link directly goes on to your RSS feed without any problem at all. RSS feeds are mostly used for subscriptions to specific websites (and its free of cost). Thus it makes it easier for others to reach out to your content faster on WordPress than on other platforms, and you can get traffic easily.

#6 Universal Social media integration

Social media plays a huge role in the development and growing of a website. Without it, your site is just a mere piece of code. With it, it is an article that keeps on updating itself to the latest news. Social media integration on your WordPress site and (and even on themes) will help you to gain 4-5 times more followers than just on google if you have the right content. Even many people are on social media as much as on Google, of which 90% are always active. Thus it will benefit you like hell if you have your contents on different social media sites.

#7 Responsive web design

WordPress is built on a PHP solely. It’s a high grade very powerful language which allows for extensive web design technology and cool intuitive user interface (the similar can be attained via HTML and CSS too).  Else with WordPress and your site on it, you can access a wide range of themes and design categories with tons of customizations that other platforms are still trying to build. You can use these free tools and techniques to design your ultimate website suitable for any purpose.

#8 Ideal for High grade and wide range content marketing

In an era of online marketing when fresh content is of utmost importance, a WordPress theme website has an advantage over the traditional ones. In very few seconds you can update your site’s content and can do so as frequently as you want without the need to go through many complicated steps. You can also update your site’s design in a breeze making it an ideal platform for tactical campaigns (like Holiday promotions). Moreover, being able to update your content more frequently will help you and your organization build credibility in your niche. Plus, marketing techniques which you can think off can be directly applied to WordPress sites without any hassle.

#9 Upgrade with ease.

As for upgrades with subscriptions, this is another incredible thing to do in WordPress. You can unlock a wide range of features with specific paid upgrades and the money you will spend will be totally worth it. No loss at all.

Other upgrades come with themes and plugins. And these are much more necessary for running the site successfully. You can install plugins within simple steps which are mere child’s play. And the features which come in with the plugins make your site way powerful than others. Else with plugins and themes, you can pretty much do stuff which is quite incredible and times profitable for your income too. Plus these even come with SEO and readability optimizations, which makes your site much more better in terms of quality and technicality.

Thus these are the advantages which you can expect to get when you build your next website on WordPress.