Affiliate marketing has always been marketers’ blue eyed baby. Affiliate marketing gives you the prime opportunity to make the extra money on your website and mobile app. Over the last few years, there has been a steady growth in affiliate marketing.

Mobile marketing has opened up a host of new opportunities for the digital marketers. With push notification services coming into the picture, the activity has increased overnight. Not to give this opportunity a miss, affiliate marketers are also using web push notification as a money making tool. It has already been proven that push notifications have much higher open rates than emails. And since people like everything on the go and on real time, push notification services are taking over the market like a storm.

Push notification used for web and mobile increase:

  • Customer retention
  • Engagement
  • Brand value

How to affiliate marketing is enhanced by push notification services?

Most affiliate marketing includes:

  • Coupons
  • Price comparisons
  • Reviews

Send coupons

For example, you own a travel portal. Every day you get a certain number of visitors. You are also using push notification services at a regular basis. Now here is the twist. How about including advertisements of travel bags and accessories with attractive discounts through web push notification? All you need to do is send a discount coupon code through your next push notifications at regular intervals.

In this category you can include:

  • Flash sale
  • Limited period offers
  • Extra percentage off on the next purchase
  • One-time purchase discount

Retarget your audience

Many a times your visitors will come to your portal, browse, spend several moments on different items, add few items to cart as well and then suddenly will leave the website and go. You are losing a potential buyer forever. Use web push notification to retarget your visitor through affiliate marketing. You can also add coupon codes for instant usage for in your notifications.

Exclusive offers

Add exclusive offers in the notifications that your subscribers simply cannot refuse. Suppose you have a travel blog and you have a decent number of subscribers. You can sign up for affiliate marketing with Amazon and Flipkart. They will provide you with codes that you need to include in your blog and embed it. Once done, your subscribers will start getting relevant offers from Flipkart and Amazon as notifications. When they click on the CTA, you get a commission. Marketers today are making loads of money through these. Earlier affiliate marketing was restricted to banners in the corner of the website. Now through push notification services you can reach your target market real time and let them enjoy the services.

How push notification works for affiliate marketing?

Push notification services has taken affiliate marketing to a different level. Integrating push services with affiliate marketing has proved to boost up sales and increase engagement.

Opt-in service

The moment the push notification on your browser pops up for the first time, it asks for permission from you. Therefore, it is giving full control to the subscribers whether they want to receive the notifications in future or not. This way you are creating a better impression in the mind of your subscriber. Once you get the opt-in permission, you can launch your affiliate marketing campaigns without the fear of getting spam marked.

Discount notifications

Once you have the opt-in permission, you can send an instant discount coupon code as a welcome gesture. This can be your affiliate marketer’s link that you are using to get commission and make good money. It has been noticed that in the initial days most of the time, the subscribers usually keep clicking on the notification buttons and later with time they tend to get bored. Therefore, strike the iron when it is hot. Along with your regular messages, supply the notifications of your affiliate and make money.

Be relevant

Do not be random while you are into affiliate marketing. If you are running a recipe blog try to put codes of Amazon Pantry. If you are into sports portal, include sports gears and kits in the notification. Subscribers today are choosy and get easily disturbed. To avoid that try to keep your messaging compelling and relevant to the subject.

There are a number of tools available for affiliate marketers to use push notification services. Whether you are into mobile push or web push notifications, you can easily integrate affiliate marketing with push services and reap good amount of extra money.