Check out the 12 skills you need to be a great marketer and get the spotlight on the market!

If you opened this article to read, you are probably a marketer or are interested in working in the field.

Whatever your case, in this article I’m going to talk about the 12 essential skills for the success of a digital marketing professional and hope you identify with all of them!

And if you do not identify yourself, that’s fine too. ? I’ve separated some of the tips I’ve learned into Rock Content marketing from how to exercise each of these skills.

#1 Passion for learning

We put this trait first precisely because it is from it that all others derive: if you want to be a good marketer, you must really enjoy learning.

With the speed of changes in digital marketing, it is mandatory to always be taking courses, updating on new market practices, following blogs and reading books yes – paper books are also important!

Marketing is changing fast, and the professional who is eager to learn new things will certainly have better and more in tune with the changing public.

If you want to start working with marketing but do not like to learn, maybe this career is not for you. But if you want to exercise this ability, put in your routine a little time to read blogs, to study and set goals to do at least one new course every week or month!

With the amount of free stuff on the internet, you’ll never have the excuse of not having material.

#2 Familiarity with digital

Marketing is increasingly immersed in digital solutions and to think about strategies in this context, it is necessary that the marketing professional is familiar with the various interactions and possibilities that the Internet provides.

Do not just be a social networking user. You really have to be a lover of this universe. This means understanding the qualities, the defects, and always striving to find the best possible relationship.

Start taking profile in all social networks and always be aware of the news and updates that arise.

#3 Independence and dynamism

Anyone who already works with marketing knows the craziness that is often the day to day and how important it is that the professional knows how to quickly resolve the crises that happen.

Something that helps in making decisions quickly is being independent, knowing how to self-manage and make decisions on your own.

It’s always important to ask when you do not know something and have the referrals of your supervisors, but the more initiative and ability to solve problems (and fast!) The better you will be as a marketer.

#4 Passion for metrics…

If your favorite line is “I do not know, I’m human” and you want to work with marketing, I have two stories: a bad one and a good one.

The bad news is that to be a good marketer, you need to be passionate about numbers, closely monitor the performance of your campaigns, and know the results by color to be able to defend your marketing investments.

The good news is, all is not lost! As Liz, our social networking manager, says in this article, a lifetime of human’s means nothing if you resolve to challenge yourself and overcome the fear of numbers.

Remember that desire to learn from the beginning? It’s time to use it.

#5 … and an analytical mind

Along with the fixation by the numbers, it is obligatory to know how to interpret them and think strategically how to improve them.

It’s no use measuring everything you can and not using Analytics results in new insights to improve your bottom line.

#6 Mastering the main digital marketing techniques

There is no way, to work with digital marketing you need to be an expert in one of the main practices or at least have the ability to turn into several of them.

After all, being a multipurpose professional can be a good starting point for a marketing management or project manager position, and there you will need to articulate several different strategies, thinking about the company’s marketing plan in an interconnected fashion.

The main expertise’s we have today in digital marketing are:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing and Blogging
  • Social Networking
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Media Marketing
  • Designing & Development
  • Web Analytics
  • Growth Hacking

There are still other practices besides these, and new ones come up every day.

To stay current, it’s important to always be on the lookout for certifications and courses that can help you decipher these tools or at least know the basics of them.

#7 Ease of teamwork

As you may have realized, digital marketing is full of challenges and expertise’s and the marketer needs to know how to work as a team.

A well-made marketing strategy needs to be integrated with the sales team, and for this, the trader must communicate very well and collaborate in an exchange and cooperation environment.

Managing yourself, your superiors and your teammates can be a challenge, but empathy, feedback, and clarity are important allies to achieve this feat!

#8 Curiosity

Are you that person who does not rest until you find the answer to your doubts?

Who rises at night to search Google for a crazy question that popped up in the head?

Who always asks “why?”?

Who is always connected in what is happening and wants to participate in everything?

If your answer was yes to most of the questions, congratulations! There are chances of you being a good marketer.

Curiosity is what leads us to want to know about everything that is emerging again in the market, that makes us test so many times without tiring and that leads us to want to understand our person more and more.

That is: if you are not curious, you will possibly find the marketing routine boring or stressful.

#9 Empathy

Here at Rock Content, we like the following phrase:

But this premise is not just for Content Marketing! Any marketer today needs to work on their empathy.

Marketing, in order to be effective, has to be more and more personalized, and for this, those who think about marketing actions need to put themselves in the shoes of those who will be impacted by them.

If you go to work with marketing, you can be sure that you will spend most of the day asking yourself the question, “What will my person want?”

#10 Creativity

This is one of the skills that most people associate with a marketer.

Behind every successful campaign, all vitalized content or outcome action, has some very good balcony and an idea that makes you say to yourself “why did not I think of that before?” Right?

But do not be alarmed: creativity is not a divine gift, granted only to the few enlightened ones. Creativity is an exercise.

The more you study, read, play, watch movies and series, the more you consume culture and work on your personal growth and cultural capital, the more repertoire you have and that’s where good ideas come from!

Something that can also help increase your generation of good insights is the practice of brainstorming. Then check out this post we did on the subject and learn more about the practice!

#11 Organization

To account for doing so much and coordinating so much, you have to be organized.

There is no successful marketing professional who is relapsed or disorganized with their time, their space and their work.

From planning to create the editorial calendar, to the various tasks required to put a marketing plan in the air, everything needs to be well thought out and structured.

The day to day marketing professional is dynamic and full of unexpected events, but it does not mean that it’s a mess. Even because of this unpredictability, those who work in this area need to have everything documented and organized, so that they can quickly find any data or information they need.

#12 Initiative

Something that is always asked in the job interviews here at Rock is “What have you done?”

And the only wrong answer you have to that question is “nothing.”

Even if you have not yet gotten a chance to work in the area, tell yourself a lot if you’ve touched a project on your own initiative – like a YouTube blog or channel – or if you’ve done something brave – like quitting and living with monks to learn meditation (and these examples are real from people who work here in Rock!)

I hope you enjoyed my tips and skills which is shared to become a successful digital marketer in the market. If you want to read some more so, simply subscribe to the as I am a guest blogger at this portal and you will received these sort of information directly on your inbox.