To be honest, PPC campaigns are for stable companies with a big budget surplus. These days, due to the growing competition in the market, many small companies also invest in PPC campaigns to get a bigger market share and increase their market share greatly. But, on several occasions, you don’t get real results despite spending a lot of money on PPC campaigns.

In that case, PPC advertising seems like a waste of time & money. On the other hand, they many companies are able to achieve a doubling of the market share through PPC campaigns without raising the budget. So, have a look at some tips and recommendations to control your spending on PPC campaigns & receive a sharp increase in the level of clicks, conversions, and sales with facing too many hassles.

Top 10 Tips –

#1 Always Start with A Small Budget

Always start your PPC campaigns with a small budget. Your first campaign may not be perfect, but it will act as a great experiment to see what works and what can be improved further. As it’s a test only, don’t get worried about conversion and clicks. The initial goal is to improve your PPC marketing skills until and unless you are competent enough to run a PPC campaign with a larger budget. Just concentrate on a specific audience, start with a small budget, and see what you can learn from the first results obtained.

#2 Customer Research

Let’s take a figure. A client spent more than $ 1.3 million on PPC campaigns. Despite spending $ 50,000 per month on advertising, he lost 72% of his potential market share because of budget constraints. When you see the keyword reporting of such PPC campaigns, you will be surprised to know that 98.9% of their 4 050 keywords gave less than 1 conversion per month!

So, 14% of the funds spent on advertising offered 62% of the conversions. Considering all the other keywords sucking money out of the company, when they search for effective keywords, advertising did not display 72 out of 100 cases. So, perform customer research before launching any PPC campaign to increase your market share.

#3 Do Away with The Incorrect Selection of Keywords

Always keep in mind that many PPC campaigns don’t offer good results because of incorrect keywords. It has been observed that marketers rely on a large number of keywords not to miss the market share in any condition. With this approach, the share of companies in the market decreases in actual terms.

Remember that the share of the network market has nothing to do with the number of keywords. In actual terms, it is associated with the percentage of users of the search engine on the market that have become your customers. So, it would be wise to forget competition until your own keywords reduce your market share! Avoid using incorrect keywords for PPC campaigns.

#4 Understand the Riddle of Market Share Very Well

Digital marketing professionals must always keep in mind that the essence of PPC-advertising is in the payment for the market share. The audience searches the Internet for goods that you can offer.

So, you pay money for the opportunity to promote your product on the web. Most companies spend their money on PPC campaigns for almost nothing to negligible results. It is because they don’t use the money appropriately. So, understand the riddle of market share very well and use your money for those keywords that really bring profit to your company.

#5 Use PPC Extensions to Increase Clickability

Almost all PPC experts unanimously agree on the benefits of using PPC extensions for increasing the clickability of advertising. So, regardless of the type of your business or product, use extensions to help your ad stand out, make them more attractive search results and visible to potential customers.

#6 Location and Proper Time for Ad Display

Think about this aspect while placing PPC ads in certain regions. Geolocation settings are hardly used by PPC experts. Use the perfect time of the day to display PPC ads so that you can increase its visibility to the maximum. By using time-of-day partitioning along with geolocation, you can easily control over where and when your ads will be shown to users. There are no benefits of showing your PPC ads in Google Austria if it is aimed at the audience of Google UK.

#7 Make Perfect Bidding for Mobile Devices

If you see that there is a significant shift in the balance of search volumes from the PC to the mobile devices, just enable the settings for determining the target devices in the optimization plan for your account. Always keep in mind that More and more people are looking for goods and services on the internet using mobile devices.

So, it is possible that a search on a PC that ended with a conversion could start on a mobile device. Determine the share of various devices in the life of the site, check your bids and make sure that the budget between them is allocated in the most efficient manner as far as possible.

#8 Use Call Only PPC Campaigns If Possible

Always keep in mind that sometimes-landing pages act as the bottleneck of the conversion funnel. Visitors are more likely to throw away their activities on landing pages if they were on the other stage of the funnel. If possible, please use Call-Only PPC campaigns to increase the number of incoming calls from genuine & interested customers & make leads comfortably.

#9 Remarketing In PPC

If you don’t make efforts to woo those visitors who came to your site and left without having made a purchase, you are likely to lose a significant chunk of business. So, first of all, spend some part of your budget without tangible returns. After that, spend some money to convince the potential client for the first time who doesn’t have the sufficient knowledge about your brand. Always keep in mind that remarketing is one of the best ways to save money and effectively use your budget while running PPC campaigns.

#10 A/B Tests Are Recommended

There are many PPC experts who prolong their A/B tests while running PPC campaigns in a bid to obtain important statistical data. Don’t hesitate to stop the actions of those ads that have not been tested. Always keep in mind that you can always repeat the test later if you are not sure about the result.

Final Words

It is often said that PPC campaigns consume a lot of money and many people don’t get the desired results. Just follow these tips to control your spending on PPC campaigns & receive more business opportunities.