The Internet is ruling the entire world. All major work is being done over the internet, in the virtual world. Communication, both formal and informal is being done over the internet. Gone are the days when people used to write a letter for a different purpose.

The age-old tradition of letter writing has come to an abrupt halt. The evolution of technology is the major reason behind it. Nowadays, all written source of communication is replaced by electronic mails, popularly known as email. Apart from emails, people also tend to have business websites and portals over the internet.

Establishing contact and passing on information to people is very important for business. As a result, a people tend to pass on a business card to others. The design of the business cards plays a very crucial role. Nowadays, people tend to have very little time, but the requirement of information is a lot. As a result, there has been a tremendous increase in the demand for business cards. A business card must be simple enough as well as appealing to the people. It should also contain all the relevant information of the company it is representing. The necessary and important information should be highlighted from the rest.

A few fonts best suited for business purposes are Cabrito Semi Light & Medium, Geomanist Regular, Phenomena etc. Carbito is favourable for packaging as it stands out of the crowd. The streamlined Geomanist is suitable for heading. These are just a few. There is an overwhelming set of choices available to the people for use.

Business cards are not only made to pass on relevant information of the company but also made to pass on personal contacts of an individual for further use in the future.

Let us take the example of a wedding. It is a joyous occasion where lots of people come together. An invitation is sent out to the people for attending it. This might be a virtual message or an invitation wedding card designs. The design of the wedding card plays a crucial role. Indirectly, it tends to highlight the monitory status of the family organizing the ceremony. The design of the wedding invitation card is influenced by a lot of factors. Some of the major factors are- the physical outlook, the colour of the card and font style.

Even for the formal mode of communication, people tend to have a wide array of choices to chose from. These fonts mostly vary on the shape and relative design. A lot of fonts are available free of cost over the internet, but there also exists a few for which users to have to pay. A few font styles which are extremely attractive and useful are

The “Moon” is designed only in capital letters. Lower cases are currently being developed. This font is perfect for logos and as well as company heading, the most crucial part of a business website or an informal note to be spread among people. On the other hand, if someone wants to go with more of a traditional approach then “Fenix” is for them. To highlight something in the backdrop of a lot of text, then Nexa is the go-to font. With the bold appearance, it is perfect almost any business and informal mode of communication.

Thus we can say that these twenty font styles stand apart from the wide number of available choices. A lot of consideration is to be given to determine the font, in case of business communication or for general purpose such as a wedding invitation. Users are asked to go through different styles before making an opinion

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