Nowadays, YouTube has become widespread between all age group of people, and it has also become a huge platform for making money online. As per the recent survey, at the age between 10-24 most of adults plays a repetitive video 10 times. So, YouTube has become a brilliant venue for commercial purposes. To make your presence on YouTube, you need to create a good quality video, for which you can use the any good video editor to edit your videos which you can post on YouTube. So, guys, if you have not created your own YouTube channel yet, then now it’s time to start one.

So, in this article we will educate you through the process of building your own YouTube presence.

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Procedure to make your own YouTube channel (Step-by-step)

Here are some important steps to create your own YouTube channel.

Step #1

Firstly, you need to decide your goals to become a YouTube performer. Here are 3 attainable areas where you can work for your business purpose:

  • You should have to work in area of YouTube reputation management as it will help your videos to make good rank on Google.
  • You should have to create a good quality version of your YouTube videos, as if your video has best quality, you have chances to get more views on your video. It will also give you the benefit to make your rank better on Google.
  • You should have to create an alternative traffic and acquaintance for your videos. It will create a traffic on your videos when it comes in suggestion for category.

Step #2

You should have to create a video editorial calendar to manage the routine tasks. To create any type of video content, firstly you need to make a lot of planning, organizing, brainstorming etc. To manage all this thing, you need to create a video editorial calendar via creating a type of tasks you do to make a video better like start a keyword research, idea of video content, timing of publish, promotion of video etc.

Step #3

You can use various tools for production of your videos on YouTube. Some of tools are Animatron, iMovie, ClickMeeting etc. ClickMeeting is a good tool to create a live webinar on YouTube.

Step #4

You should have to make optimization of your videos on each video page. To make optimization, you need to add sufficient content on each video page such as title of video, detailed description of video, add tags etc. Some are the criteria below:

Title and description of the video should be including following:

    • Main keyword, product name and your channel brand name.
    • The speaker’s name of the video along with the detailed description of the content.
    • City, state, country name.

Step #5

YouTube not only matches keyword using video title and description but also use other video-specific metrics to control how frequently the video should be suggested next to related videos category and how from bottom to top it should rank in search results. You can use of social media to promote your videos. Firstly, you need to embed the video to your website then you can share the embed URL to you friends and relatives via social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. You can also create your own video playlist for videos and use other tools to promote them such as DrumUp.

Step #6

Once you have done all the above things, then the next step is to monitor the progress of your videos. You can use various tools to monitor the progress of your videos like Topvisor, YouTube analytics etc.

Step #7

You can use a dashboard for the full analytics of your videos. Suppose, you post lots of videos in one month then you need to create a dashboard to view the overall performance of the channel. You can use the tools for that such as Cyfe; is a tool that provides a way to keep organized your videos.


Creation of a YouTube channel is a difficult task. As sometimes, you will not get any view or activity for a week or a month, after you start working on it. But you should not discourage of it. As you all aware that YouTube is a great platform to make money with huge opportunities, and if you are working with consistently, you will surely get views on your videos which gradually rising.

Don’t you have a YouTube channel yet? You can create one using the steps provided above and share your comments in the provided section below.