Imagine yourself in the shoes of a social media marketer. From juggling multiple social media platform simultaneously to spending the social media budget intelligently and everything in between comes in the domain of social media marketer. Add to that the intricacies of each social media platform from target audience to sizes of banners and images to the type of posts you will be sharing and it makes the job even more difficult.

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As a business, it is important to know which social platform you target audience is spending most time on. For example, it is Twitter, now you need to decide which demographics to target. To help you out, here is a list of six critical twitter demographic factors that every social media marketer should keep an eye on.

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#1 Location

Where your Twitter followers are live? Which country or city they belongs to? Answering these questions will help you target them more effectively and build a stronger relationship with them. Twitter is global platform and its users are spread around the world. With 80% of monthly active Twitter users coming from outside US, considering location is critical for success of your social media campaigns.  With geo targeting, you can deliver location-based content to engage your followers on Twitter.

#2 Gender

Men and women have different needs, behaviors and preferences therefore it is important for businesses to know how many of their Twitter followers are male and how many of them are females. This number or percentage might vary from region to region as well. In some regions, more females use Twitter while in other parts of the world, male dominates the scene. Depending on the answers, you can tweak your Twitter campaigns and posts accordingly for best results.

#3 Education

You cannot show the same thing to a school-goer and master degree holder, right. Similarly, it is important to understand the education level of your target audience. How much they are aware about your brand, the benefits of your products. A highly qualified Twitter user will react to the same Twitter post differently as compared to a less qualified person. Especially if you pushing some technical content on Twitter, less educated audience will never, be able to comprehend your message. Make sure you resort to highly technical posts if your Twitter user base is educated. The good news for brands is that 45% Twitter users have a college degree, which means that they are an educated lot.

#4 Age

Just like gender, your age influencers everything from your buying behavior to products preferences to brand selection. That is why brands are target audience based on their age bracket. For instance, a teenager or a young adult will not only be active on twitter multiple times a day but he is more inclined to explore brands, shop for products and engage with brands as compared to users in their 40s. Pew research has also proven it. Additionally, age also influences the way your target audience will use Twitter. According to another research, 43% of 30-49 year old Twitter uses it to get their daily dose of news.

#5 Income

How much money do your Twitter followers earn? When you dig deeper, you will come to know that Twitter user earn more as compared to other social media platform users, which is great news for businesses. The amount of money you earn will have a direct impact on purchasing decision you make. With big pockets and more disposable income, you can expect them to shell out more cash on products. If targeted effectively, Twitter user base can help you generate more revenue and grow sales.

#6 Occupation

Will an engineer need what a doctor does? The purchasing pattern and preferences differ greatly. Even the interests will be reshaped by occupation. Where you work and your work-life balance as well as other minor aspect can make a bigger impact on what twitter users’ purchase. As an employee moves up the organization ladder, his or her buying pattern also changes. Social media marketing companies knows the secret that the more you know about your target audience professional life, the better you can cater to their needs.

Which Twitter demographic metric is most important in your opinion? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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