Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science which developed 3000 years ago. You can use Feng Shui to design websites which bring you prosperity and wealth. As you try to choose the right colour scheme for your website, it should contain yang elements. As websites are the version of electronic offices, you can use feng shui to bring in good fortune and wellbeing. In order to find the right balance, it is important that you abide by the guidelines of Feng Shui while developing a site. According to this practice objects are placed in a systematic way so that flow of Qi or air flows through the environment.

Use Feng Shui in website design

Following certain Feng Shui techniques in building your site can help you to attract a greater number of visitors and earn greater profits. This science mostly practiced in the Oriental countries includes aspects such as colour, shape and functionality so that the maximum amount of positive Qi can flow in. The points mentioned below can guide you into how to use Feng Shui while developing a site:

  • For better user experience, you can arrange the items on your webpage aesthetically. It is similar to arranging a new desktop which you want visitors to use.
  • You can consider the landing page of your site as an entrance where visitors gather the first impression. Arranging item carefully, and selecting the right colours can maximize the flow of Qi. With engaging information and good links you will be able to create positive feelings among the visitors.
  • Keep your pages simple so that finding information is easy. Too many links and cluttered information can create confusion. Staying away from haphazard presentations is very important for flow and consistency of your site.
  • If your logo is placed at the bottom and is appropriately placed considering the flow of the page, you have made use of effective Feng Shui tactics. If you place logos on all the pages, they should be placed at the same place on each page. This will build a level of consistency and allow Qi to flow in.
  • You can select Feng Shui colours as you try to promote your products and services. Make a choice of colours which complement your products. To depict earth you can make use of brown, beige and yellow. For fire and passion red and orange are the perfect colours. If you are building sites for children, you should make use of bright colours.
  • In Feng Shui shapes are depicted according to Chinese elements.
  • If you portray movement with the use of waterfalls or rain in an image, Qi movement takes place in that area.
  • Having too many lines and cutting edges is not recommended. It may cause harm to your business as it is not easy for the eyes of the visitors.
  • The flow of Qi also depends on the font that you have chosen and the typography of a website.
  • Placement of images and text should add to the fluidity of the page. Broken Qi due to lack of harmony is not a good sign.
  • Still objects can also play an important role. It attracts the attention of visitors and helps them to remain on the site.

As you create a website, you should be able to direct the energy of your visitors. If you stick to basic principles like harmony and balance, you are abiding by good Feng Shui. It is important to ensure that your visitors can glide from one page to the other. A few open spaces on your website will bring in tranquillity and allow energy to flow in. Thus, we can conclude that Feng Shui plays a very important role in website design.

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