A brand is something which defines your business. It is not the mere logo that defines a brand, but the total concept that goes behind creating it keeping the target audience in mind. Branding has the capacity to either make or break a business. So it is very important to choose a brand name wisely..

Here we have given few tips as to how you can create an effective brand name.

1.Figure Out The Context

So you may begin with figuring out what is the context in which your brand consultants name will be placed.

Are you looking to fit into an existing market or stand out from one? Being unique is always good but not at the cost of your consumer, if he/she can’t understand it. There has to be a balance somewhere.

2.Avoid Being Boring

The average person today is bombarded by brands, products, and advertisements almost every minute, all struggling to get their attention. Most of the time, brands only get a few seconds to try and get a consumer’s attention before they lose interest. Picking a dull brand name can immediately give you a disadvantage with the audience.

So choose a brand which is expressive and sticks with the customers. Try to stay relevant to you brand goals but don’t let them hinder your creativity.

3.Make Sure It’s Unique

You would not like to get entangled in a legal suit for a trademark issue. So before deciding on a brand name, do some research to see whether other brands are already using it.

In the event you see, some businesses are already using your suggested brand name, there might be still some hope. Check whether the business is in the same industry or location. Even if it isn’t, it’s always good to tweak your brand name (adding initials or locality, for example) to avoid confusion.

4.Gather Ideas And Brainstorm With Your Team

You don’t need to come up with the perfect brand name by yourself. Try brainstorming with friends or colleagues or even your family members for a change, to get ideas regarding possible names and get an outside perspective. Working with other people can get you out of a slump and milk your creativity. Chances are you will be more likely to decide on a name if you have people to bounce ideas off  Explaining your brand objectives to people will also help you polish up the fundamentals of your brand.

Giving your brand the right name is much like naming your own child. It has to be unique, but at the same time, it should be simple and easy to memorize by people outside the family.

A good brand name sets your business apart in the market from all other businesses that have a similar product or service to yours.

5. Choose A Name After Lot Of Thought And Thinking About The Pros And Cons

It’s true, you want customers to remember your name easily, but that doesn’t mean you should use any weird word to gain attention. It’s very important to ensure your brand name don’t send mixed messages—or the wrong message altogether.

Use words instead of that, which can be easily recalled when someone hears about your product or service,the mission your company stands for, and what customers can expect from your brand.

Using trendy new buzzwords in your brand name is one way to make it memorable. It’s especially helpful in garnering attention and interest from a younger crowd, to whom it is targeted. The problem with building your identity on a trend is that it’s simply that—a trend.

As we all know, trends come and go, so it doesn’t always make sense for the long term. What the millennials like today might not make sense for the younger generation tomorrow, so it’s possible for your brand to lose relevance as time flows. To avoid that, pick names that you can define and that will stand the test of time and save the trendy lingo for timely marketing campaigns instead.

6. The Name Can Be Paired With Your Logo, Slogans & Taglines

Last but not the least, brand consistency is critical to growth, and it all starts with your brand name. The name that you choose, should look and sound great alongside the rest of your branding: logos, taglines, slogans, etc. There should be no mismatch between the various elements of advertising.

7.Test Your Brand

Once you have cleared the legal hurdle and finalized some name, next comes creation of your mockups (think logos, product packaging, and homepages), and testing of your top three names. You may be surprised at what resonates with people.

Here’s one simple and easy testing idea:

  • Build a branded landing page for each name. Use identical copy and only change logo/brand name.
  • Run a highly targeted FB ad to your target customers for a week.
  • See which page got more conversions.
  • Build the Strongest Brand Possible

Now that you have got all the tricks of brand building, it’s time to think and apply the same. So do your own homework. Take inspiration from successful brands and their taglines. Understand how they could create an impact on the customers; what made them stand out in the crowd. Also note instances where they failed and were replaced by other similar brands.Permutations and combinations is important when you zero in an appropriate brand name apart from the legal hassles.