With almost all leading and upcoming brands and businesses launching themselves on the online market, everyone is experiencing a stiff competition. Every single business is looking for marketing strategies which can generate leads at an exponential rate and also provide a substantial boost to sales. The online digital marketing in today’s world comprises of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Content Marketing and many other aspects, none of which can be ignored by any business which wants to establish itself firmly among its competitors. The new digital marketing trends and strategies are evolving rapidly in this technological era and upcoming business ventures, as well as established brand names, cannot afford to take any of these for granted if they wish to survive the stiff competition they face. There are quite a few online marketing strategies which can be put into practice to ensure that we get a boost in our sales. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular online marketing tips.

#1. Better Product and Better Experience

For any business, quality service or products is the most important factor which any potential customer looks into. All other marketing and advertising strategies come into play only after we have successfully crossed this stage.

A USP (Unique Selling Point) of the product we offer is sure to distinguish us from alternate options out there. We also need to make sure that we have a simple, interactive and user-friendly website so that browsing through products becomes a smooth experience.

#2. Search Engine Optimization

Businesses making effective use of Search Engine Optimization are sure to generate considerable leads and ultimately increased sales. SEO helps to increase the rank of our website on the result page of search engines. With more than 88% of the online shopping is based out of searches made over the search engines, SEO can come in pretty handy to boost our sales.

#3. Email Marketing

Emails are pretty effective in informing customers about deals and offers on our store. We can also use newsletters to provide a list of personalized recommendations to our subscribers. Email is the best way to retain a customer and also preserve their interest in our business but we need to make sure that we deliver quality content which is actually helpful to people, otherwise, our promotional emails would be nothing but spams.

#4. Conversion Rate Optimization

Businesses should be able to make convincing offers to potential customers to close a deal. This requires a clear understanding of target individuals, their needs, and most important what seems attractive to them. This data can be utilized to improve advertising and lure more customers to our store. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is regarded as one of the most impressive digital marketing strategies in today’s world. It is an efficient technique which enables generation of more number of leads.

#5. Free Content

Websites should target towards providing free and useful information, intelligent tools and other significant resources to aid their target audience. This will enable us to pull a decent crowd to our websites and if the customers are satisfied by the freebies we offer, more often than not they would go ahead and pay for other products and services.  Getting more and more people on our websites not only increases the leads but also allows us to advertise and promote our business more effectively.

#6. Targeted Advertising

PPC or Pay per Click is regarded as one of the most influential online marketing strategies which ensure targeted advertising. It allows us to put forth our ads in front of people when they are looking for some related product or service over the internet. The effectiveness of PPC in this domain has no match when we consider other marketing strategies available at our disposal. PPC allows us major control over our online marketing campaign by allowing us to promote our landing pages in the best possible manner.

#7. Social Media

Various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a great way to target potential customers. We can quite easily look for posts or discussions that relate to the products and services we deal with to get a list of individuals we should target. Campaigning over social media platforms is an effective way to turn up in front of potential customers over the internet and also an impressive lead generation strategy.

We can make use of Web Intelligence tools like Google Alerts can help us identify blogs and discussions corresponding to our brand or the product we deal with so that we can plan our advertising effectively.

#8. Web Analytics

We have some of the best analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google AdWords Conversion Tracker which provides us details about the various online marketing strategies we have in place. This helps us figure out what is working out for us and what is not so that we can focus more on the strategies which deliver handsome return on investment.

#9. Public Relations

We can effectively manage the public relations of our online business by hiring a decent and recognized Public Relations (PR) agency. This would help in improving the visibility and awareness of our business and also create a positive brand name. The PR agency works to seek attention of customers by getting public statements, news, and articles into the media. This exposure would enhance the awareness and trust into our brand ultimately boosting sales.

#10. Referral Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, which involves people believing in our brand recommending the same to others provides a substantial boost to credibility and awareness of our brand.

Referral Marketing is considered as most of the most effective online marketing strategy in any online marketing campaign. We can get a considerable increase in customer base if we provide lucrative referral offers to both the one who refers and the one who is referred.

The aforementioned online marketing tips can be applied to any online business and we are sure to witness an increase in sales with time. Some of these strategies might take some to establish a brand name and render considerable profit, but if implemented properly, we would definitely get major benefits out of them. The strategies mentioned above are quite general and can be customized according to our business and marketing needs. Some businesses might also require individual-centric or location-centric marketing and advertising to ensure the best return on investment. Hence, it is recommended to properly figure out the requirements of our business and perform a proper analysis of the targeted group of individuals to come up with the best set of online marketing strategies for our business.