Usually, there are three are three types of businessmen in every business—beginners, intermediates and experienced. And, there are different guidelines for them to execute their business successfully. When it comes to ecommerce SEO for intermediates, there are many things to ponder. As as an intermediate, you must be knowing what problems you are facing with regard to your expertise and working experience. The probable problems may be: you are not getting a traffic for your business, getting traffic but not able to generate income etc. ‘There is no smoke without fire’ is a common proverb that we all know. That means there must be genuine reasons that is blocking your progress. Below, the probable reasons are being mentioned one by one and also ways that can help you to overcome them.

  • The first thing that you may not be doing is updating your keywords from time to time. Remember that keywords play a very important role in the ranking of e-commerce website seo. Now, ask yourself how often you have been updating the keywords. If you have not paid attention to keywords, then you must be vigilant about them. There are many things, ranging from title tags to meta description that matters a lot. Title tags gives the name of your webpage in HTML format. Meta description gives a description about your e-commerce website or store.  Likewise, Alt tags, URL structure, product pages etc. are used for ranking of your ecommerce website. So, you are advised to contemplate these things and update your keywords quite often to get a good rank of your website.
  • Your web page speed holds great importance for your visitors. The loading speed of your web page is slow, then they will not take keen interest in it and switch over to another website. Two seconds time is sufficient for loading of your page. If your ecommerce website takes more time than this, you are sure to lose your clients. Nowadays, most people use smartphones to refer to ecommerce websites. Apart from this, Google also gives ranking to mobile page speed. What you need to do is to use PageSpeed Insight tool to increase the loading speed of your web page.
  • If you are not having sufficient backlinks, then they might be one of the causes of downfall of your ecommerce business. Bear in mind that long-form content is important for your backlinking. There is an interconnection between the number of domain links and rankings. This will be clearer in this way: if you have many different types of domain links, the ranking of your ecommerce website will increase. So, if you have one website link, it will not be sufficient for your ecommerce. On the other hand, you have twenty different website links, it will really do wonders for your ecommerce.  This is called as domain diversity. It proves very useful in increasing your traffic.
  • Cart abandonment may affect your ecommerce adversely. So, you need to tackle this problem very effectively. Different customers have different mindsets. So, you need to deal with them in such a way that they succumb to your pressure. Writing personalized emails and offering discounts to them will really do wonders for you. For this, you should be used to writing such emails that can coax them to buy your products and give importance to you. Second, discounts are other effective means that attract clients. You can offer them free shipping, 10% off on cart, a coupon for next purchase etc. All these things will make them keenly interested to buy your products.
  • Last but not least, if your e-commerce store is not optimized for mobile, your ecommerce business might be at loss. Nowadays, most people use mobile phones for various purposes—shopping, web surfing, tracking stocks, reading the news, playing games etc. If you optimize your store for mobile, your targeted clients will be comfortable buying products and services from you. Google’s Maile Ohye throws light on the importance of having same content on both desktop device and mobile.

This was all about the problems that may impede the progress of your ecommerce business and how you can overcome them. Go through them with undivided attention so that you are able to chew on them.