The hosting and management of your website is of course not a bed of roses. WordPress is one of the most powerful tools that proves useful for you. It hardly matters whether you are blogger, businessman or any individual associated with content management. The worldwide platform has undergone a great change. This has given a wonderful opportunity to people to create, add and share their content with their viewers all over the world. For instance—if your a businessman, it brings a huge amount of traffic towards your business and helps you make a lofty profit.

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The ten WordPress marketing tips that you need to contemplate for the smooth conduct of your business  include the following:

Tips #1

You will have to work according to Google’s expectation as it likes  mobile friendly web pages. What you need to do with WordPress site is to ensure that it is fully optimized for your mobile. In order to do this, you should look for themes that are mobile-friendly.  Many of them are optimized to some extent, but not all of them.

Tips #2

The second step involves optimization of images of your site so that they are loaded faster. In terms of organic search rankings, Google gives priority to speed of site. Images  may slow down the loading of your site. For instance—if you have an e-commerce site, you will be in need of good quality images. This will result in storage of files on server. Following this, you will have to make use of WP Smush Image Compression for reduction of file sizes.

Tips #3

Do not forget to add SEO to your blog. With regard to blog post SEO, you need to think of keywords, meta description and title. Make them catch, so that they seem enticing with regard to digital marketing to your viewers.

Tips #4

You need to make an XML sitemap. For giving a good rank to your site, search engines need to do indexing of your blog. It does so by taking a glance at your sitemap. What is good about WordPress is that it automatically creates a sitemap. This does not mean that your site is fully optimized. By using Google XML Sitemap Generator, you will be able to optimize your sitemap.

Tips #5

Be aware of broken links as they can cause harm to your search engine optimization. Remember that while crawling your site, Google will take note of broken links that you may have. What you need to do is to use Broken Link Checker to fix your problem. Its role will be to parse your posts for identification of broken links before it notifies you. You will have to edit links from dashboard

Tips #6

Rich snippets will do wonders for you as they are one of the most appropriate methods for increasing your search traffic. You must be curious to know how to create Rich snippets if you are not an efficient developer. It is All in One Schema Rich Snippets that can allow you to make snippets.

Tips #7

In order to launch a new product in the market, you will be in need of sales landing page. So, you need to make it as quickly as you can.  PageBuilder by SiteOrigin is one of the best tools for making sales landing pages. It has a user-friendly interface that you can use easily. The best thing about it is that you do not need any formal training or technical knowledge for its operation.

Tips #8

Management of editorial calendar is very important for you.  While creating and optimizing various posts, your process may get a bit lengthier. Use of robust tool will make your process simpler and easier.

Tips #9

You need to be aware of plagiarism of your content because Google does not give ranking to duplicate contents. But, you need not brood over this problem. There is a way for syndication of your post without causing any trouble to Google. What you need to do is to get your contents on the syndication channels.  Syndicate Press is a good source that allows you to add a RDF or RSS to your WordPress posts so that they reaches the syndicate sites.

Tips #10

It is important for you to influence your clients in the market. And, for this you will have to provide them relevant contents. It is natural that you may get lost in social media feed or content calendar and fail to take notice of those topics that seems appealing to your clients. With Hootsuite, you can keep this problem at bay. It will help you in finding current topics. Apart from this, it will give you a chance to preview URLs, so that you can see what text and images will appear when someone shares your post.