In today’s digital era, lots of companies and organizations are getting their sites made for marketing of their products and services to their targeted clients. When anyone types one’s name in the search engine, one gets to see many pages due to many keywords found in various locations of the web. On the other hand, if one has launched a new website, it will fail to occupy a top position in the search engine. Nowadays, the ranking competition has become very tricky.  But, one should not lose hope. With the help of search engine optimization, one can improve the ranking of one’s website in various search engines—Yahoo, Bing and Google.

If you are a novice in the world of search engine optimization (SEO), then it is pertinent for you to become familiar with it otherwise, you will not be able to use it appropriately. In fact, SEO encompasses all the techniques for improvement of ranking of a website in various search engines. Apart from these things, it also involves various tactics for marketing. When anyone’s website shows good performance in a search engine, one is sure to get a huge amount of traffic for one’s ecommerce business.

Various methods adopted for search engine optimization

Basically, there are two methods for optimization of a website in search engines—On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

The strategies included in on-page SEO include the following:

Selection of keywords: When it comes to search engine optimization, the selection of keywords play a major role. So, it is very important for anyone to pay attention towards making of keywords while using one’s site. One should know whether or not people are looking for them. One should make such a keyword that appears appealing to visitors.

Making of Meta tags

Meta tags are terse descriptions that throws light on the content of page. Apart from this, they give a description of your page to search engines. When it comes to its making, it should not be more than 155 characters.

Making a catchy title

A catchy title needs to be made, so that visitors are compelled to read the content. It should not exceed 65 characters. Moreover, the title should be consistent with the content otherwise search engine will not give a good ranking to it.

Good quality and keyword-related content

One needs to gives a good quality and keyword-related content to search engine to get a good rank in it. Apart from this, one should abstain oneself from redundancy otherwise one’s content will be considered as spam. In order to overcome redundancy, one should use phrases or synonyms related to one’s keywords so that the content many look impressive to readers.

Use of header tags for sub headings and main heading

While writing content, one should make use of proper header tags.  Sub-headings should be indicated as H2, H3 and the main heading as H1.

The strategies included in off-page SEO include the following:

Use of social media platforms

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc can be used for establishing identity and creating brand awareness. So, one needs to sign up to well-known social networking sites and share links that redirects to one’s website’s pages.

Link Building

It plays a very important role in improving the rank of a website. It is an old strategy of SEO and but still holds importance.

Social bookmarking

It is the management of bookmarks of web pages. What one needs to do is to sign up and submit one’s pages to the websites that provide this type of service.

RSS submission

It is a way of showing an updated content from a certain source. One is advised to submit a RSS feed to directories to help one’s website get distributed to backlinks.

Directory submission

It gives better visibility to the site as it is specialized in linking to other websites. So, one should submit website to well-know directories, so that it can be seen by users.

These are the methods for search engine optimization. One should depend on a reliable SEO company in India for marketing of goods and services.